Scrum with Multiple Teams

Scrum says a team should be 3 to 9 people. But sometimes you want or need to go faster, so you add more teams. This process calls Multi-team Scrum or Scaled Scrum.

Challenges of Multi-team Scrum

  • Now you need to coordinate not only a single team anymore
  • Scrum Master need pay attention to dependencies in the Product Backlog
  • Manage also dependencies in the Sprint
  • New responsibility – integrate work from multiple teams

Done on One Team vs. Multiple Teams

In Single Team
– Goal: done, working software.
-If it doesn’t meet the DoD, it’s not done.

In Multiple Teams
– Goal: done, working, integrated software.
– If it doesn’t meet the DoD and if it isn’t integrated, it’s not done.

Multi-team PBI Recommendations

  • PBIs should done by one team in one Sprint
  • Manage dependencies between PBIs
  • Create a new integration team: Job is to make sure everything is integrated
  • One Product Owner for all the teams
    -One product – one Product Owner

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