User Story Scenarios

Each User Story needs to be testable, need to demonstrate, that requirement has been met. Here is effective formula, which demonstrate, that specific user story has been met:

Given <context> [and <more context>], When <something happens> Then <outcome> [and <another outcome>]

Here is the example of using this Given/When/Then recipe, which specify furfure detail, about the original user story. Before it was broken in smaller user stories und now it is associated to Given/When/Then Criteria.

Title: User cancels reservation

User Story:

As a user with a reservation, I want to cancel my reservation so that I get a refund.

Scenarios of user story:

Scenario 1: User is a premium member
I am a premium member, when I cancel under 24 hours, then I incur no penalty.

Scenario 2: User is a typical member
Given I am a non-premium member, when I cancel less that 24 hours in advance, then I pay 50% fee.

Scenario 3: Email confirmation
Given I am a site member, when I cancel my reservation, then I am emailed a confirmation.
Very offen Team puts the whole user story on a card, which calls Story Card.

User Story Card

Here you can find user story title, description or user story and success criteria or scenarios. At the bottom of the card we can also see the estimation information for the card.

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