Integration Team in Multi-team Scrum

If one team in Scrum not enough, it’s advisable use Multi Team. But here you get one more problem – how to manage more than one team. And the answer: use the Integration team. With Multi Team your Scrum will look a little bit different.

Multi-team Sprint Planning

  • All the teams or at least representatives from each team get together
  • Product Owner gives the vision for the Sprint
  • Representatives figure out dependencies
  • Representatives figure out how to minimize cross-team dependencies
  • Then each team make their usual Sprint Planning meetings

Integration Team’s Daily Scrum

Not the same as a regular team’s Daily Scrum – not “3 Questions”
This meeting kann last less than 15 minutes
Goal: Is the integration on track?
– “Did we have any trouble integrating yesterday?”
– “Are there any likely integration troubles facing us today?”

Multi-team Sprint Review

Goal: Show off the done, working, integrated software and gather feedback

Multi-team Sprint Retrospectives

  • Representatives from the teams come together
  • Discuss and identify any cross-team problems
  • Representatives go into their regular Sprint Retrospectives

Scrum with Multiple Teams

Scrum says a team should be 3 to 9 people. But sometimes you want or need to go faster, so you add more teams. This process calls Multi-team Scrum or Scaled Scrum.

Challenges of Multi-team Scrum

  • Now you need to coordinate not only a single team anymore
  • Scrum Master need pay attention to dependencies in the Product Backlog
  • Manage also dependencies in the Sprint
  • New responsibility – integrate work from multiple teams

Done on One Team vs. Multiple Teams

In Single Team
– Goal: done, working software.
-If it doesn’t meet the DoD, it’s not done.

In Multiple Teams
– Goal: done, working, integrated software.
– If it doesn’t meet the DoD and if it isn’t integrated, it’s not done.

Multi-team PBI Recommendations

  • PBIs should done by one team in one Sprint
  • Manage dependencies between PBIs
  • Create a new integration team: Job is to make sure everything is integrated
  • One Product Owner for all the teams
    -One product – one Product Owner

Who is actually the Scrum Master?

scrum master coach

The Scrum Master helps the team to be productive and use they creativity in order to deliver done, working software.

The main point here is that the Scrum master leads the team, but not command the team

The Scrum Master is a Coach. He is not a boss. The team members doesn’t need to report to the Scrum Master.
The Scrum Master is not a manager and doesn’t order to do anything. He is a leader and he need to figure out how to lead the team.